The X-Bionic Radiactor Long Sleeve Running Top has a higher degree of effectiveness which is achieved by the larger dimensions of the 3D bionicSphere System on the chest.
  • 3D-BionicSphere System In The Chest Area - Cools down the body temperature by disposing hot, moist air through the dynamics of body warmth.
  • ISO-Shoulder - Ensures body warmth and guards against chills.
  • AirComPlex-Zone - Insulates sensitive areas and regulates temperature.
  • Air-Conditioning Channel - Conducts air away from the anatomically shaped footbed via the inside surface of the foot.
  • ExpansionRibs - Improves its insulating character rather than losing it when the elbow is bent.
  • X-BionicSphere System On the Back - Guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away.
  • X-BoinicSphere System At The TailBone - eliminates the chances of friction sores at the bottom of the back.
  • SweatTraps - Wicks sweat away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics.
  • X-Bionic Radiactor Long Sleeve Running Top - SS17 EMik3tAY

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    X-Bionic Radiactor Long Sleeve Running Top - SS17 EMik3tAY

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